The Arts Society Falmouth — Membership Subscription

New Member Subscription

Full membership for the year of 10 lectures is £50. If you join part way through our year you need only pay a pro rata Membership Subscription.

Visits and Discovery Days incur an additional cost are run on a break-even basis.

The table below shows the New Member Subscription due, depending upon your date of joining. Two examples: If you were to join on the 15 November 2023, the New Member Subscription would be £35.00 (7 remaining lectures @ £5.00 each). If you joined on the lecture day itself 10 November 2023 the New Member Subscription would be £40.00.

On payment of the New Member Subscription we will send you, by email where possible, a synopsis of the lecture subjects and details of the Society. A Programme Card with dates of lectures, Discovery Days and visits will be available for collection at the lectures. (Please note additional charges apply for Discovery Days and Visits.)

If you have any queries, then please contact our Membership Secretary, via email at membership@theartssocietyfalmouth.org or by telephone on 01209 861554.

Lecture Calendar

Join on or before Lecture Title New Member Subscription
8 September 2023 Fiction, fallacy, fake news and spin. Propaganda in art throughout the ages £50.00
13 October 2023 Dancing And Stripping Your Way To A New Life: The Full Monty And Billy Elliot £45.00
10 November 2023 Town mouse, country mouse.  Nature in the life and works of Beatrix Potter £40.00
8 December 2023 "Io Saturnalia" - Happy Christmas The Roman Way £35.00
12 January 2024 The Age of Jazz £30.00
9 February 2024 Sunken Treasures of the East.  Tales of Chinese Shipwreck £25.00
8 March 2024 Mondrian’s Evolution Into Abstraction £20.00
12 April 2024 Art of the islands. An introduction to early medieval art in Britain 550-850 AD £15.00
10 May 2024 The car in art.  The car as art £10.00
14 June 2024 The Power of Jewellery.  Adornment and Ritual from Pre-History to Present £5.00

Members' Guests

Members are encouraged to bring guests to lectures. Living in Cornwall, we all tend to receive a lot of visitors, so bring them along, they will be made welcome. This is also a good way to introduce people to the society.

Guests pay £10 per lecture. Our policy restricts a named guest to three visits in a given Membership Year.