The Museum of Cornish Life Helston

Curator Janet Spargo with a 1920s Flapper Dress
Helston Folk Museum

The Costume Collection Project at Helston Museum

This group of Heritage Volunteers worked at the Helston Folk Museum from October 2003 until 2013. During that period, the Museum had a Costume Gallery where some costumes were displayed but also in addition held a large number of items in store. These items varied from Victorian dresses to Military uniforms.

The group was involved in the cataloguing, photographing and recording all the costumes held by the Museum and produced a substantial record which listed all significant costumes.

Map of Heslton Museum
Helston Folk Museum

The work undertaken also included packing the costumes in acid free paper and boxes or hung on custom-made padded coat-hangers and placing in bags made of a special acid free protective covering.

The Group also classified the collection into several periods and categories:

  • Victorian/Edwardian
  • 1920s & 30s
  • 1940s & 50s
  • 1960s & 70s
  • Babies and children
  • Uniforms
Costume on display
Example Uniform
Costume on display
Museum - Some Costume

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