Elizabeth Andrew Warren

The resulting new project

During their research into the first project “Origins of Cornish Exotic Gardens – a myth questioned”, Catharine and her husband Guy were intrigued by the contribution of a lady botanist Miss Elizabeth Andrew Warren who like them lived in Flushing. Miss Warren had been a significant figure in the identification of plants arriving in Falmouth during the mid 19th century. This sparked their interest to pursue further research into Miss Warren’s life and work during those years, a natural follow-on of one piece of volunteering leading to another.

The Authors
Catharine and Guy English
A microscope
Botanical microscope: 1836 - Oxford Instruments Museum

Some of Miss Warren's interests

A microscope
Grasses Drawn by Miss Warren
Lichen. Rock bottom plant? An Interest of Miss Warren

Final Report

Their research document can be found here Elizabeth Andrew Warren

The Final Report