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Images from the Fashion Illustrators on-line Course and Competition 2021 / 2023

The Plan
The Plan

The 2021 Project

Spectrum StaffIn 2021, during the Covid 19 pandemic when our nation was in lockdown and children were being ‘home schooled’, our Society supported an enthusiastic teacher from the Art and Textile Department at Penryn College to run an ‘at home’ on-line Fashion Illustration Course/Competition for Key Stage 3 pupils (11 – 14 years).

We provided the funding to allow the students to receive a Fashion Illustration Resource Pack. Each week a selection of art materials, which supported them through the online course, were delivered to the homes of the participating students.

The Prizes

At the end of the course, the winning student from each year group received a personalised prize trophy. Each trophy was engraved with the student’s name and The Arts Society Falmouth logo. These were presented to the winning students at the beginning of term in September 2021. Due to the continuing restrictions, there was a simple socially distanced event, outside in an amphitheatre in the College grounds.

A note from the Art Teacher read: “Thank you so much for supporting this project, it has made such a difference to our students. At a time when young people find it difficult to aspire to a creative career and find art a therapeutic way to overcome mental health issues that are so evident in young teenagers after the recent lockdown. I was delighted with the response from those wishing to take part and impressed with the high quality of all the entries”.

Members of this Society were equally impressed and delighted by the dedication of the College staff and the commitment shown by the students.

Fashion Illustrators on-line Course
Slide from the Fashion Illustrators on-line Course
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Slide from the Fashion Illustrators on-line Course

Falmouth IS Fashion Forward - 2023 Competition

Fashion Illustrators on-line Course
TASF Committee, Sue Rider (programme) with two winning students and Maggie Letch (Young Arts)

The Arts Society Falmouth (TASF) sponsored prizes awarded to outstanding students of the Fashion and Textiles Academy, an after-school club that fosters creative design, at Penryn College.

Mason, who chose not to be photographed, cited Danielle Levi, (Kim Kardashian’s stylist) as the inspiration behind his designs, drawing on the ability of fashion to create a form of self-expression and identity.

Fashion Illustrators on-line Course
Mason's Storyboard

Both the iconic Coco Chanel and the eccentric Vivienne Westwood, dared to ‘put a spoke in the system’, are the choices of Year 9’s Lily. These designers created clothing for the modern age – the post-war Chanel trademark was of youthful ease, liberated physicality, and unencumbered sportive confidence; Westwood was largely responsible for bringing the 1970s punk and new wave fashion into the mainstream. Understanding the back-stories of these women helps in ‘seeing’ the clothing they created.

Fashion Illustrators on-line Course
Lily's Storyboard
Fashion Illustrators on-line Course
Esther's Storyboard

The youngest winner (year 7’s Esther) is drawn to colour, movement and … shoes, (which lead to a conversation including Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo and Manolo Blahnik and, perhaps, the cordwainer course at the London School of Fashion). Her inspirations come from her friendship groups, pop stars and digital influencers. The Academy has exposed her to a wide range of designers, new methods and materials from which she’s developing her unique fashion style.

Commenting on this initiative to make fashion illustration resources easily accessible to young people, Young Arts Representative, Maggie Letch, said: “The Arts Society Falmouth have been delighted to support this initiative. It has been a pleasure working with the dedicated and supportive staff at Penryn College, and I was incredibly impressed with the creative talent and artistic illustrations of the entries; all the students should be very proud of their achievements. They are our fashion designers and illustrators of the future.”